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Camden Healthcare Staffing recruits for permanent hire and locum tenens assignments for all medical organizations.  Some examples are as follows:

About locum tenens work

First, there is no obligation when you register with us.  If you register with us,  you are simply on our radar, so that when an assignment comes along that we think might interest you, we will run it by you.  You can pick and choose your assignments, or not choose any assignments.

Locum tenens are independent contractors for Camden and paid directly by Camden.  Typically, paychecks are cut every two weeks, the Friday after the pay period.  All travel expenses are covered and included in an all-inclusive hourly or daily rate. We offer assistance for initial travel arrangements.

All assignments are on an "at will" basis.  Although we expect commitments to be kept, you can end your assignment at anytime with the agreed notice, usually two weeks. Compensation varies depending upon the nature of the assignment.  In regard to compensation, we have to look at each assignment individually.

Working locum tenens at Camden Healtcare Staffing

We offer locum tenens work  in your home city, or in areas that require travel.  We offer part-time and full-time assignments.  Many of our travelers work on a part-time basis.  Two, three and four day assignments are available.  Every other week is a popular part time configuration with providers.

Benefits of locum tenens work

The benefits of working locum tenens assignments are many.  Here are some of the lifestyles that benefit from being a temporary practitioner:

We research each opportunity and provide a full range of support, including logistics, when needed.  Camden offers locum tenens opportunities nationwide, including both major cities and rural settings.

If you have questions regarding locum tenens,  contact us at 972-943-5773.

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